3D Project Examples

Unity Interactions

Unity is and continues to be a fantastic tool for developing 2D & 3D interactions. Check-out some of the examples of Unity work below accompanied by brief descriptions of why I include the examples.

“Beechcraft C90 Flight Deck”
link: https://alter-native-media.com/3d/C90

Why I include this example:

This simple proof-of-concept shows-off the Beechcraft C90‘s interior flight deck and instrumentation. Created from various aircraft 3D models and photo references, it includes a custom avionics display, the 3D model was finalized in Autodesk’s Maya and uses Unity game engine for package deployment.

link: https://alter-native-media.com/3d/HAL

Why I include this example:

Originally included as part of a larger training for the US Air Force’s Air Force Medical Modeling and Simulation Training (AFMMAST) program, several Unity interactions were created to demonstrate proper installation and maintenance of 1 of 4 medical mannequins. I created each mannequin by extensively augmenting organic 3D models from the open source software, MakeHuman, editing in Maya, and using Unity for game-like learner interaction.

“Secure Office”
link: https://alter-native-media.com/3d/scif

Why I include this example:

Rudimentary user interactions – such as opening doors, climbing ladder, inspecting locks, doors, and ventilation system, and pause menu – was created by authoring succinct C# programming code within the Unity game development environment.

Simple 360° Video

To promote my sessions at Learning Solutions 2017 conference, I created a rudiementary 360° video for YouTube, using Blender and HDRI maps. Additionally, I presented a BYOD workshop for the Online Learning Conference 2018, where I instructed others on how to create their own 360° video.

3D Modeling

Demo reel for MFA Thesis, Academy of Art University 2011

Experimental 3D Art

As an entry in a local art show, I created rudimentary 3D models out of procedurally generated “noise”, added materials and lighting, then created real-world, physical prints.

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