Personnel Spotlight: Betty Dannewitz

Meet Betty – Media/Coaching Consultant at aNm

Betty specializes in augmented reality (“AR”) and video content creation. aNm asked Betty to create video responses to some of the questions below to highlight this video expertise!

Don’t want to watch the video? Read interview as text instead, following the video section!

Q: What is something that people in your industry have to deal with that you want to fix?

A: Folks in L&D are usually the last to receive personal and professional development. We are typically involved in delivering other training or managing logistics so we get the scraps that hit the floor or the content that hits the margins. I want to fill that gap.

Q: What do you do at aNm? What does your role at the company entail?

A: Video editing, voice-over work, I am available as a coaching consultant also.

Q: What are your credentials or past experience for working in your position?

A: I am an Immersive Experience Designer with over 17 years in corporate learning and development. I am also a Speaker, Podcaster, High-Performance Coach, and Content & Curricula Consultant.

Q: What’s your background? i.e., where did you grow up; what were you doing before working for aNm (any weird jobs worth sharing?); any childhood stories that inspire you?

A: I’ve spent most of my life in the Detroit area with the exception of my elementary school years, which were spent in Indianapolis. I’ve worked since I was 14. My 1st job was a hot dog cook at A&W. I love to work, and I’m certain that I work too much. Before aNm, I was doing what I still do now, corporate Learning and Development.

Q: What has been the most important innovation that you’ve seen in your lifetime?

A: The internet. Everything else I could say wouldn’t be here without that.

Q: What is your favorite movie/podcast/album/painting/book any other medium of art?

A: Oh gosh. Favorite movie of all time: It’s a Wonderful Life. Podcastifyouaskbetty obvi but I will say that before I was a podcaster I really enjoyed Serial Season 2. Favorite album – couldn’t possibl[y] pick just one. PaintingAmerican Gothic by Grant Wood. I am also partial to Paris Street; Rainy Day by Gustave Caillebotte and A Sunny Day on La Grand Jatte by Georges Seurat.

Q: If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?

A: Work on the things that I love to do, faster.

Q: Marvel or DC?

A: Marvel

Q: What do you like doing outside of work?

A: Well, I love to work. I also love to travel and see old friends and meet new ones.

Q: If you had to pick, what superpower would you have?

A: Don’t have to pick – already have one. Networking is my superpower. Ask anyone (they prolly know me already anyway).

Q: What has been a highlight of working with aNm?

A: [aNm Founder,] Michael Sheyahshe. He is patient and highly concerned with the health and well-being of everyone that works with him. He also looks for opportunities to challenge you to learn and grow.

Q: What do you think will change in the Tech and Media industry in the next 10 years?

A: I think AR will become much more accessible and commonplace, [Virtual Reality] VR will be best served as off the shelf with minimal configuration, and I think Alexa’s skills are going to get more advanced and be used more extensively.

Q: Anything else you’d like to share? Something not covered?

A: aNm is a great place to be connected to and produce quality work for. I have really enjoyed the projects I have been on and look to keep going with them for many years to come.

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