aNm offers many creative, professional, and technical services. Below is just a sample of our featured services – contact us today to find out how we can bring your projects to life!



aNm can create digital and print comics and graphic novel media. We can take your comic project from initial concept to final delivery.

2D & 3D Animation

Whether you’re a fan of animation that leverages three-dimensional assets or prefer the more traditional 2D animation, aNm can help you give life to your ideas.


Software & Apps

Utilizing HTML5 programming code such as JavaScript, jQuery, CSS3, LESS, JSON, Bootstrap, and more aNm can author and develop client-side software or applications for that functions and looks great across browsers and platforms.

AR, VR, & More

We can create immersive augmented reality or virtual reality interactions using HTML5, Unity, or Unreal Engine.

eLearning & Training

From initial concept to final delivery, aNm can design, author, and develop customized, bespoke, and learner-centric content for your eLearning or training projects. Content can be developed using rapid development authoring tools – such as iSpring, Storyline, Lectora, or Captivate – or using custom HTML5 code applications.