Bring Your Dreams to Reality with aNm

Bring Your Dreams To Reality with aNm

Whether you are creating a story, teaching a class, or simply bringing the images you’ve dreamed of to life – many of us share the experience of have started a project like this. Unfortunately, many people stop the creative process because of the daunting idea of making their dreams a reality. alterNative Media can transform your creative concepts into tangible products that will change life for the better – for both you and others. It really is possible, and aNm can do it for you.

Indigenous (Caddo) ownership is the cornerstone of our organization, and our spirit of innovation drives us as we convert clients’ needs, dreams, and inspiration into digital and/or physical form – such as comics and sequential art (more in a moment). The fire in our logo mirrors the fire within all of us to create what our customer wants whether it from whether it be creative, educational, or promotional.

Producing a comic book is something many of us have thought about at one point in our lives or another, but most of us don’t know how to even begin to achieve this dream. Knowing a subject inside and out doesn’t help an educator to produce modern Learning content, which requires a whole different skill set. Our passion – our fire – is doing exactly those things for you and so much more.

How do we do this?

While aNm offers a uniquely experience because of our Indigenous ownership, our team of industry experts is what makes us able to transform your dreams into reality. Like any successful team, we use a very robust toolbox of apps and platforms to communicate and collaborate in order to get your project done. It doesn’t matter where your ideas originate on the map, because we extensively use teleworking and collaboration suites to bring them to life from anywhere. Our vast expertise comes through what each of us, as a family, can bring to your project. aNm can give your project life – anywhere you can dream it.

The many formats that aNm can use to give your projects life, all while maintaining a small business mentality, are what sets us apart.

Example of comic book creation
Comic book and graphic novel design, all from your initial concept – digital or print, we can give your story life.
Still image from "Chubby Ninja vs Master Key" animation
Animation, both 2D and 3D – your ideas come to life.
If you’ve always wanted to teach others but simply needed a platform, eLearning content creation can be the tool you’ve been looking for. You have the knowledge, and we can help you teach it.
Software development
Client-side software development, giving you the right middle man between your content and users. We use the latest programming codes and techniques to make your applications not only look great, but function across a wide variety of platforms.
Virtual Reality
We even offer VR and augmented reality creation. The world inside your mind can be fully shared with others.

Staying on the forefront of developing technology since 2005 is no small feat. Like most successful companies’ visions, aNm was created to serve the technical and creative needs of family and the surrounding community. From there, we have expanded into new realms of merging technology in order to help our clients to bring their visions to life with the best tools possible. We encourage you to dream big and let us dream with you–it is how aNm has grown for the past fifteen years.

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