Caddo Search Engine (CSE) app for Android Devices

App logo for Caddo Search Engine.
App logo for Caddo Search Engine

aNm is pleased to announce that we have deployed a new version of the Caddo Language app – now renamed, “Caddo Search Engine” – for Android devices, available for download from the Google Play store.

Download the Android app here –

The Caddo Search Engine (“CSE”) app is a feature-rich mobile application that allows users to search for the Caddo translations, word, and/or phrases by entering an English word or part of a Caddo word.

Caddo (or Hasinai) is a language, made of several dialects, from the Caddoan linguistic stock of the Southern Plains and primarily spoken by members the Caddo Nation of Oklahoma. The CSE app allows individuals to interactively search for Caddo words from an internal database (no Internet connection needed after installation) and includes a submission form, where individuals can suggest possible future entries or corrections for the app.

Example of a search entry on Caddo Search Engine
Example of a search entry on Caddo Search Engine

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