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[note: first published on “eLearning Development Tech Thoughts” blog on 9/5/13]

In my blog article, “Fun-fun-FUNctions…with IE8“, I offer a quick-fix for developers having JavaScript issues when creating content for Windows Internet Explorer 8 browser. While both the example and the workaround code is relative simple, there is a larger discussion at work here: browser compatibility.

Certainly, we developers may have a favorite or preferred browser to develop for, but in the end, our code must be malleable and flexible, able to ‘live’ inside whatever browser or environment our client(s) require.

Because our Team has many different clients, all with different browser/environment needs, we have become very proficient in the (at-times-not-so-simple) task of just ‘making it [the project] work‘.

Sometimes the solution is a quick-fix, like the in the article above; sometimes the solution is more involved and may require a complete re-writing of code…or (if we get lucky,) tracking down, learning, and using a new code-set or development tool.

Pay no attention to that
JS code behind the HTML page!

We make the magic happen, across many different platforms and settings. Yet, unlike that famed and faraway ‘Wizard’, we do not mind showing others what happens ‘behind the curtain’.  We like to share and hope to learn from others that share with us, as well.

Feel free to share your tips, tricks, and workarounds with us so that we can all learn from each other…especially as more and more of us begin developing projects across multiple browsers. Tweet us: @mas_edev@eLearnDevGeek@damoEdev, or @gardelearndev.


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