Highlights From mLearnCon 2013

[note: first published at “eLearning Development Tech Thoughts” blog on 6/9/13.]

main stage at mLearnCon 2013

Despite being a “first-timer” to the Mobile Learning Conference and Expo (or “mLearnCon“), I thoroughly enjoyed my time.  Now that I have not only successfully attended the conference, but also given two presentations, I believe I qualify as a “seasoned veteran”.  Maybe.  🙂

So, with that in mind, here are some brief highlights from my interaction at mLearnCon 2013 (in no certain order).

Conference Backchannel
mLearnCon has created a wonderful way to follow the events, information, and thoughts of the presenters, vendors, and general attendees.  Fueled by attendees’ Twitter hashtags, the backchannel provides great insight to the constantly-changing technological flavor of the conference.
This is further enhanced by Hashcaster (http://mlearncon.hashcaster.com/), “a real-time Twitter curation platform setup by your mLearnCon organizer to help you find the best content tweeted at mLearnCon and to help you easily identify and connect with top influencers.”

mLearnCon2013 presentation #1

Presentation #1Despite occurring immediately after lunch – making both the speaker and the audience slightly lethargic – my presentation was a success.
Attendees to “B.Y.O.L.: Touch & GO: Quickly Enhancing Lectora for Gesture-based Interaction” were able to get some technical tips on specific projects they had in mind.
Discussion continued even long after the presentation was over (…my apologies to the person presenting directly after me..!), as an attendee and I traded notes on 3D software and how to best implement JavaScript code for gestures in Lectora and other HTML5 projects.

Presentation #2
With a great turnout and good audience participation/interactions, “Nuff Said: Tips and Tricks from Digital Comics to Breathe Life into Your HTML5” went smashingly.
Several Tweets were fired off that focused on various aspects and info nuggets from this  presentation … and another long discussion after the end made this event a great one to be part of.
Thanks to everyone that came out and contributed to the discussion.  You all rock!

And finally…

artsy…AND mysterious

Hotel paintings that make me think they’re really QR codes
still think it’s a code…

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