Which is better – jQuery Mobile or Sencha Touch ?

[note: first published at “eLearning Development Tech Thoughts” blog on 4/12/13.]

Mobile created with jQuery Mobile

Sure.  Despite maintaining a level of professional agnosticism (the right ‘tool’ for the job is the one that works at the time), I have my own preferences on which code to use…doesn’t everyone?  But which one – jQuery Mobile or Sencha Touch – is “better” for creating content for mobile apps?

DZone’s Mitch Pronschinske offers his take on which is best, based on a group discussion / comparison of the two frameworks, in his entry, “Cage Match! Sencha Touch vs. jQuery Mobile” (http://css.dzone.com/articles/sencha-touch-v-jquery-mobile).

Mobile created with Sencha Touch

While there are no “spoiler alerts” needed, Pronschinske warns readers that the end result (of which one is better) is subjective, at best.  However, he does offer vast insite and discussion of the two frameworks, that goes beyond the simple, ‘surface scratching’ most websites provide.

Go on…go read it and get more information about the nuts and bolts of these code-sets.  Then, let us know what you decide is best !

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