Adventures at MLDC2012

[note: first published at “eLearning Development Tech Thoughts” blog on 10/1/12.]

mLearning DevCon 2012 (, happening in Philadephia, PA, October 2-5, 2012, is sure to be an exciting event this year with many great topics and speakers.  As we close on the final hours before the big event, ICF will be well-represented with three speakers and four topics.

Greg Gardner will present two separate topics:

Mike Raines will present:

Michael Sheyahshe (that’s me!) will present on:

Here’s what you can expect to see with my ‘Nuff Said’ presentation topic:

  • Stan Lee (well…not ‘in the flesh’, as it were…)
  • Print Comics
  • Digital Comics
  • Comic Book ‘Language’
  • Theoretical Ideas of Visual Rhetoric/Presentation
  • Comic Book ‘Apps’
  • The Hulk !
  • The Android Logo (heh)
  • Real-World HTML5 Examples
  • JavaScript/jQuery Code
  • Advanced Online Examples
  • …and so much more !

Be sure to join us at MLDC2012, if possible.  You can also follow our Philly adventures on Twitter: @mas_edev@eLearnDevGeek, & @gardelearndev.  Excelsior !

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