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A message from my friend to the North, Elizabeth LaPensee, Social Media Coordinator – Zeros 2 Heroes Media…

The Facebook campaign being run by the television series Blackstone lends our support to the Canadian Aboriginal Writing & Arts Challenge, which encourages young Aboriginals to share and explore their heritage through creative arts. In doing so we hope to give these future storytellers a voice in preserving and strengthening the rich cultural tradition of Canada’s First Nations communities.

A groundbreaking series on Canadian television, Blackstone is premiering in late January [2011] on APTN and Showcase. Set on a fictional First Nations reserve, it is a raw and authentic drama that follows the newly-elected Chief as she struggles to lead a broken community against the betrayal and corruption of the old regime.

To achieve our goal, every new ‘Like’ on the Blackstone Facebook fan page, starting November 29th, 2010 will see $0.50 contributed to the Canadian Aboriginal Writing & Arts Challenge. For more information and to help support this great cause, visit

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