Caddo Language App Now Available on Android Market

UPDATE: There is a newer version of the Caddo language app for Android called, “CSE”. You can read more about this new app at Caddo Search Engine (CSE) app for Android Devices.

alterNative Media (aNm) is pleased to announce that we have deployed the Caddo Language app for Android devices, available for download from the Android Market. The Caddo Language app (v1.0.0) is a feature-rich mobile application that allows users to search for the Caddo translation of a word or phrase by entering an English word.

alterNative Media is committed to bringing the power of innovative technology to the Native community, so integrating this Cultural information with an Adroid app was a logical and exciting choice for us,” says Michael Sheyahshe – CIO Developer for aNm – an enrolled member of the Caddo Nation. “By adding the Caddo Language app to the Android Market, we’ve made it extremely easy for the global community to help retain an immensely important Indigenous cultural resource. We developed an application that celebrates the Caddo language…available right on your Android mobile device.”

Caddo is a language, made of several dialects, from the Caddoan linguistic stock of the Southern Plains and primarily spoken by members the Caddo Nation of Oklahoma. The Caddo Language app allows individuals to interactively search for Caddo words from an internal database (no Internet connection needed after installation) and the app suggests possible entries to choose from, as you type.


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To learn more about Android Market or the Caddo Language app, visit or You can also scan QR code below to take you directly to the Caddo Language app’s location in the Android Market.




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