Report From OEGE

The Oklahoma Electronic Game Expo (“ORGE”) was a most excellent event for aNm. It was great to see all the individuals in the local OKC metro area come out for an event focusing on video games and electronic media. The staff and crew deserve many thanks and kudos for their accommodating attitudes and due to the fact that everything ran smoothly.

There were many vendors and sponsors and all the booths were busy with people interested in one aspect of video games or another. Indeed, aNm’s booth received many visitors and friendly faces wanting to know more and talk about video games and electronic media.

At aNm’s booth, we displayed images from the digital gallery, were able to pass out many information flyers – about my book, Native Americans in Comic Books, the studio itself, and our outreach to other ‘3D people’ in the local community – as well as exchange business cards and do some good-natured networking within the 3D community.

Friend, David Downs came in for the “assist” in manning the booth, distributing flyers, and fielding questions from our booth’s visitors. Many thanks to him for his efforts and professionalism at the expo.

We appreciate all the good people that came out and talked with us at OEGE and look forward to hearing from all of you that have 3D skills and to those that had potential projects to collaborate with aNm. Feel free to contact us for any communications about potential projects or collaborations. Look for aNm at next year’s OEGE event.

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