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Rob Schmidt, creator of the Peace Party comic book, and I were recently interviewed for a radio program out of Florida about Indigenous people in comic books and comic book mythology, in general. The show is called, “Beyond the Grassy Knoll,” and while I’m not entirely sure what their website is all about, they certainly have a lot of theories…about everything.

However, the host was very polite and seemed to be genuinely interested in how Native people are portrayed in comics – plus, it was good to have a dialogue between Schmidt and myself.

Click the link below for the radio interview (running time – 59:10):

2 thoughts on “Radio Interview”

  • “Beyond the Grassy Knoll” seems to include conspiracy theories, alternative news and reviews, and anything unconventional. In addition, I think the host is fond of Native/multicultural and mythological/literary subjects whether they fit the format or not.

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