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Wow. Somebody read the book and actually liked it? Somebody not related to me?

Joking aside, reading a review like the one Rita Kohn wrote (link below) is very touching and provides ample reward for authoring the book. Her review is not only flattering (which I enjoy, of course) but there is an undertone of deep sincerity in her review.

I had the great fortune to meet Rita during my time at the Eiteljorg Museum in Indiana and we must have talked for an hour or so, sharing, swapping, and comparing stories. Turns out, Kohn has published with McFarland (my publisher), as well.

From one former farm-boy to a former farm-girl: Thanks, Rita; much appreciated.

Read the full article on the Nuvo (“Indy’s alternative voice”) blog:

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  • Good show!

    I plan to review the book for my blog and Indian Country Today (I hope) once I have a spare moment.

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