Eiteljorg Event in 2009

Panel Discussion

See me at the Eiteljorg Museum in Indiana !

John Ostrander – Check out this link for a bio, award and writing list http://www.comicbookdb.com/creator.php?ID=108. Blaze of Glory, Apache Skies, Grimjack & The Kents, to name some, as well as his work on MANY other titles including Batman, JLA, Star Wars, Wolverine and X-Men titles. He also moderates a great message board http://www.comicmix.com/contributor/john-ostrander/.

Steve Sanderson (Cree) – artist/writer residing in Vancouver, B.C. – works with The Healthy Aboriginal to create comics about health and social issues for Aboriginal youth. Has worked with the Cartoon Network & Rockstar Games among others. Steve was selected to be an Artist in Residence at the Eiteljorg for a month later in 2009. Google him and you’ll find tons of great reviews/articles/etc.

Dan Piraro – writer/artist for the series Bizarro http://www.bizarro.com/; there’s an interesting overview here: http://www.kingfeatures.com/features/comics/bizarro/about.htm. Dan really covers a wide variety of topics with his internationally known work. He has over a dozen publications and also performs a one man show “The Bizarro Baloney Show”. The day after the WNRC program, Sunday 1/25/09, Dan will be performing a show here loosely title “The Bizarro West”. I started coming across Dan’s Western and Native themed work last year it’s very funny and insightful and Dan has great stories to go along with them. Dan will be our Artist in Residence during the week before the program.

Michael Sheyahshe (Caddo) – Michael hs done some interesting research & writing into Native Portrayals in video games as well as being knee deep in his newly published book “Native Americans in Comic Books,” was part of the 2007 program, and offered up loads of great information. Michael is a very busy guy in general http://www.anm-okc.110mb.com/ !

We also have several local folks that have been amazing resources for content, inspiration, research, planning and sending interns!

Dr. Greg Reinhardt – University of Indianapolis http://archlab.uindy.edu/faculty_reinhardtbio.php . In addition to the bio here Greg has the most pristine collection of comic books featuring “Indian” content on the covers ever seen– hopefully he’ll bring some back in ’09!

Dr. Larry Zimmerman – IUPUI/Eiteljorg Museum http://www.larryjzimmerman.com/profile.html . Larry’s work time is shared between the Eiteljorg and IUPUI (Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis) his work in Museum Studies and Native American Representation has helped create a lot of interest in the Eiteljorg program’s topic locally.

Andy Holtzman – Andy is a comic enthusiast and organizes the major comic show in greater Indianapolis . http://www.ashcomicshows.com/ He’ll be helping Eiteljorg to get the word out and arrange for some vendors to be present at the event – passing on his own show to contribute to ours!

Robin McBride Scott – Besides being an amazing artist, educator and presenter Robin has a very large collection of comics with Native themes. Robin was at the Eiteljorg as an Artist in Residence and collects comics. She’s been super busy with traveling around the county for museum work.

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