Spotlight on aNm client: Pawnee Nation

Historic building at Pawnee Nation complex
Historic building at Pawnee Nation complex

Since January 2008, aNm has successfully provided extensive technical training and consultation to the Pawnee Nation’s tribal members and staff. These courses are provided to the Pawnee Nation (“PN”) on-site and are comprised of instructor-led classrooms and one-to-one (1-2-1) individualized training sessions. These training courses and consultations have been well-received by the participants.

aNm provides the Pawnee Nation with extensive course materials, including manuals, PowerPoint presentations, sample documents, electronic versions of slide shows, and post-training Q&A via email and phone. You can see these training slides at “The Technology of Learning” blog, where they are posted for participants to review later, at their own pace.

We are proud to list the Pawnee Nation as another one of our ever-growing success stories and look forward to helping PN succeed in all their future endeavors and projects. Contact aNm today to see how we can help your Tribal group or business community with all of your technical training and consultation needs!

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