Native American Tribe Uses Video Games for Learning

Red Knight Learning Systems logo
Red Knight Learning Systems logo

The Coushatta Tribe of Louisiana gives other Native American tribal entities something to ‘shoot’ for: creating an immersive 3D environment to increase education and awareness of Indigenous culture. The tribe worked with Red Knight Learning Systems to create a 3D simulation for their Coushatta Heritage Center.

Red Knight developed 3D simulations and interactive exhibits for the cultural center. Click HERE to see examples from Red Knight. Technology such as this is readily available and much more affordable these day. Thus, tribes should begin looking towards solutions like this one to help foster learning and cultural continuance.

As a shameless ‘plug’, aNm has the technology and ability to offer tribal nations the means to create their own 3D models, simulations, and video games. If you are a tribal nation, museum, or cultural center, contact us today to see how we can use similar innovations to promote and sustain Indigenous culture.

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  • Educational games are vastly used in any institutions worldwide. There are serious Download Games that definitely can help in the development of skills. I have never known anyone make such games, until now. Excellent job aNm!

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