Austin GDC – Day 2


Like Bacos, the 2nd day in Austin was, “even better.” While there was still no sign of the much-needed booth babes, the Expo was open and the workshops and discussions continued throughout the Austin Convention Center. At least some vendors were smart enough to hand out free beer and cocktails!

Many good contacts were made during this networking event. Unlike last year – where Expo vendors were hesitant at best to consider ‘outsourcing’ or contracting out artistic projects – many studios seemed more than willing to entertain the idea of contracting work out to outside artists and studios, like alterNative Media.

Vendors such as, Perpetual Entertainment (who is creating a new Star Trek franchise game), Icarus Studios (who had a massive, 2-story exhibit), Spacetime Studios (who has a new “unnamed project” [in-production] coming down the line very soon), and Wild Hare Entertainment (also, a relatively new studio), all expressed interest in contracting some aspects of work out to a 3D art studio.

At least that’s what they told me. 🙂

Otherwise, the Austin GDC was a good chance to meet other professionals working – and actually making a living – in the game industry. Special mention of Gerard K. Marino, composer, who just finished work on God of War II (unfortunately, I had to leave before Gerard’s scheduled speaker presentation) and Ben Long of Noise Buffet, who also has some recent game work (be sure to check out his album for sale at his website!).

All in all, a great place to be in September. aNm will continue to work on establishing connections within the gaming community and offer its artistic services for those studios needing high-quality and professionally expedited 2D and 3D art.

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