Austin GDC – Day 1

aNm at GDC

Things were off to a bang on the first day of the Austin Game Developers Conference…vendors were setting up for the next day’s Expo, so there was plenty of time to meet, greet, and attend the various workshops.

While I will highlight some of the various contacts made in later blogs, here I wanted to mention one of the presentations that struck a chord with me.

Evan Skolnick – Editorial Director, Vicarious Visions and long-time writer / editor at Marvel Comics – presented a very interesting topic for the “Writing for Games” track of the GDC, entitled: “Everything I Needed to Know about Game Writing I Learned from Star Trek.”

This entire presentation will be available later, from the proceedings, but the gist of his talk was highly enlightening and very interesting. In it, Skolnick discussed the idea of archetype, hero, villain, and everything one needs to know to make better games, film, stories…or anything! Again, I will pull more info later, but his work deserves special mention.

Overall, the Austin GDC was a success and aNm looks forward to continuing conversations and potential partnerships from the networking contacts made there.

Look out for info more soon!

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