Podcasts for Remote Field Training

Podcasts for Good

In March 2006, I proposed to initiate the use of Podcast episodes for use in providing training and educational curriculum remotely to individuals “in the field.” This idea was based on article from Digital Video Magazine (March 2006), “Using iPods to Distribute Corporate Video to Employees” by Nate Caplin, who uses Podcasts to push out media to “20,000 employees at over 400 locations in 11 states.” Using the Podcasts allows individuals in the field access to their entire library of media without having to log on to computer terminal each time.

In addition, this idea reminded me of the movie, Demolition Man (1993), where the police use portable training devices to handle long-forgotten criminals.

(If you don’t remember that part of the film, I’m sure the movie is running somewhere on a cable channel right now…or you can view a snippet of this part at YouTube)

Below is the basic overview of my presentation:

“Podcasting” the Future: Utilizing Current Technology for Instant “Field” Training

  • Goal 1: To demonstrate how “podcasts” may affect they way in which we think about asynchronous content delivery.
  • Goal 2: To investigate an overall procedure to effectively utilize this existing technology.
  • Goal 3: Basic principles of Podcast production.
  • Basic Overview:
    • The Big Picture: Podcasting seems destined for the long haul, given its continued popularity in an ever-changing medium.
    • As we consider ways to broaden our client base, we must consider those individuals in rural and remote settings.
    • Libraries, Community Colleges, & Tech Centers could serve as informational “docking centers” to download latest information.
    • May also serve to strengthen relations with various local entities (fire, state, Tribal, etc.)
  • iPod’s importance: “As of April 2007, the iPod had sold over 100 million units worldwide,[1] making it the best-selling digital audio player series in history.” (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ipod)
  • Introduction to RSS, XML, and how users can subscribe to Podcast feeds.
  • Using online Podcasts directories and iTunes for these subscriptions
  • DV Magazine article.
  • Demo Man clip.
  • Technical requirements to create Podcasts.
  • Possible uses for education and training.

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