“Toolkits” with a FLASH in the pan

SWCPHP has recently developed specialized “Toolkits” – a collection of data, presentations, and training materials from several Subject Matter Experts in the field based on thematic topics.
Most recently, work on the Volunteer Toolkit was finalized and available online.
These Toolkits utilize a variety of digitized information, including narrated PowerPoint slideshows, hi-quality video, supportive images, and streaming media. One of the main components of these Toolkits is the media conversion into Flash video (.flv).
Why use Flash instead of other video codecs? Well, for starters, the file size seems rather manageable, there is no need for a specialized streaming media server to serve up content, and Flash seems to be readily available to a majority of computers worldwide, even lower-end telephone modem users.
See more information about the presence of Flash player on computers here.

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