Flash: Around the World in 80 Megs

Why use Flash for video presentation?

Well, of course, Flash Video (based on some Sorenson technology) looks great. But, beyond that, Flash Player, a needed codec for viewing data created using Adobe Flash seems to be present on (virtually) most every computer in the world.

Of course, there is some debate as to the actual number and percentage of computers in the world that can view Flash content. While the data is a bit dated, here is an online resource that accurately discusses using Flash media:
“Which Internet Video Format Should I Use?”

Some important highlights from this article talk about Flash Player being bundled with Windows XP (as well as WinXP SP2), but that there are occasional issues – given that Flash runs on ActiveX controls, which XP can be particular about – and that statistics can be misleading (see the links the provide for more information).

Despite this, Flash player is easily downloaded and can mostly likely be found on most any computer a user might encounter. Thus, utilizing Flash for content delivery seems to be a safe bet on many levels.

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