New Artist Listing at AICCM

The American Indian Cultural Center & Museum (AICCM) has listed me among many other Native American Oklahoman Artists on their website.

AICCM is charged with “the purpose of generating awareness and understanding of the history of tribes and their relationship to Oklahoma today.” To support this,

AICCM recently held a workshop, “Art in Public Places Workshop for Native American Artists,” to guide artists through the Art in Public Places process.
It is a genuine pleasure and true honor to see my name listed beside my Cheyenne and Arapaho (“C&A”) Uncles, Charles Pratt and Harvey Pratt, both of whom are renown artists in their own right. The list also includes some friends I’ve made along the way, such as America Meredith, a Native Artist who also has some Caddo connections.

That being said, please keep aNm in mind for all your creative and artistic needs and contact us today.

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