• Up to 30 seconds in length
  • Custom
    • transitions
    • animations
    • timings
  • Choose from 1 of 3 types of audio for background
  • ADD Professionally-recorded narration!
  • High-quality MP4 file
    • easy deployment to HTML5

Project is for ONE animation, up to, but not to exceed 30 seconds in length. aNm will create custom transitions, animations, timings that support the main idea/theme of project. An example of such customization can be seen at Client can choose from 1 of 3 types of audio files, to use as background music. Animation will be saved as high-quality MP4 file, which can be easily deployment to HTML5 websites. Professionally-recorded and edited narration audio will be created for this project and added within the animation itself. aNm will work from client-approved narration script.

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